Saturday, 9 August 2014

I am not wrong

It's 5am and I have just woken to write this piece which is burning in my heart.

I AM NOT WRONG about Gaza and the land of Palestine

I have been told by 2 people I respect that I may be wrong with my view on the situation in Gaza.

Well I have woken up and I say loudly and clearly: I AM NOT WRONG

  • I AM NOT WRONG: Because if my status update is the final one seen by the Israeli government and our world as the one that stops them in their tracks from killing one more innocent life; one more child; then I tell you again: I AM NOT WRONG: It may be my status update or tweet that is the one that saves the life of that one child so I say again: I AM NOT WRONG
  • I AM NOT WRONG: I never knew that my hero the great freedom fighter from oppression and injustice and murder Nelson Mandela said;


If Nelson Mandela knew this then I say again: I AM NOT WRONG.

  • I AM NOT WRONG: 2,000 years ago in a very obscure part of Palestine a young girl was told she would give birth to a baby and she should name him Jesus: because he was coming to save His people from their sins.

Jesus was quickly taken into Egypt to escape death by the powerful ruler Herod who was fearful of the birth of a new King: seen as a threat to his throne. Joseph had been warned in a dream that his life was in danger. It seems the world has always wanted to kill children for the hope that they can bring.

So I know that: I AM NOT WRONG, even today the killing and slaughter of innocents continues unabated; if we who know this and don't stand up and raise our collective voices and say together: THIS IS WRONG then we have failed the children.

Because one day Jesus had parents bring their children to him for him to bless them but his disciple had better ideas and they tried to stop them coming: but Jesus said these words in Matthew 19 v 13-15

"Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." After he placed his hands on them, he went away.

I will keep saying it because if I and my small insignificant voice can stop the death of one more innocent: one more child then truly it has been worth it.


  • WE ARE NOT WRONG: when collectively we choose to be the voice for those with no voice.
  • We choose to post and keep the pressure on the Israeli government.
  • We choose to take time to sign the petitions to stop the bombing.
  • We choose to raise awareness of conditions in Palestine.
  • We choose to march in peaceful protests.
  • We choose to tell our government by how we vote that the sale of arms is wrong: but even more so when sold to a government that is using them to target innocents and children.

I AM NOT WRONG: I cannot bare to turn on my TV for many more nights and see the broken and mangled bodies of once healthy children.

400 deaths and rising: please let's not stop raising the awareness of the death of innocence.

Together we can help this to STOP.

For the sake of the children - how we treat one of these innocents is the mark of our humanity.




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