Wednesday, 30 January 2013

February 14th 2013

February the 14th has had great significance in my life for the past 28 Valentines days because on this night in 1984 my beautiful first daughter Jennifer Sarah came into the world all 7lb 13oz of pure gorgeousness.

This year has taken on new meaning for me, not only will I celebrate Jen’s 29th birthday but I will be dancing with one billionwomen who are choosing to STRIKE DANCE RISE, to raise awareness for the plightof women across our world who are subjected to abuse of every kind.

I am hosting an event where I hope the small group of women that are choosing to come together will collectively know that the part they are playing is significant.

We are rising, choosing not to sit on the sidelines but to get up and dance. Choosing to dance is important the significance of creativity over war, the role of women to give birth to something, to produce and increase, not takeaway. I have the song Break the chain playing constantly in my mind the lyrics running over and over again in my thoughts.

One billion is the statistic that United Nations gives for how many women will be raped or sexually abused, 1 out of every 3 women, its too staggering to comprehend.. As Eve Ensler says on the TEDx talk, One billion rising is a feminist tsunami, a response to this terrifying number.  Having seen the power of the tsunami in Thailand we need to see this power unleashed on our world from this event that hopefully will bring a change to the landscape so totally that women will see a new day dawning.








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